Gaming and Blockchain #17

Gaming and Blockchain really do go hand in hand if you think about possibilities it can do for various collectible, trading and management functions in many games. This good match was spotted by one Serbian team of developers and avid gamers who are just preparing to launch open beta for their 'blockchain trading card game' - the Cryptic Legends. With Nemanja Avramovic, their CEO, Luka and Ivan are discussing all the interesting details about the blockchain in games and the Cryptic Legends as well. For non-gamers this is completely noob proof episode (ignoring the few terms and names) and considering the amount of bad puns, quite good one to laugh at or with.
Magic the Gathering, Football Manager, World of Warcraft ... anything that has some kind of collecting and managing aspect whether it's epic and legendary gear or resources, skills and heroes - it would have a great amount of use from the blockchain technology. There are quite a few projects out there that foresaw this opportunity, but as Nemanja Avramovic, the CEO of Cryptic Legends concludes, none of them had their kind of good mix. To hear more about it - check out the episode!

BTW, do not miss out on another great opportunity for which you will need only a keyboard and - expressing your opinion. What is the deal? We are dying to hear how do you like the podcast so far, so Luka offered up to give 100 AE tokens for the best review! The best one will be decided at the end of the season.
(HINT: we prefer the witty ones)

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