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What about DAOs? #18

Is DAO the future of, well, everything? Can it replace democracy and should we start thinking about organizing everything under DAO? DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and it's designed under a set of rules that govern what can and can't be done under it. It provides maximum transparency and security, but what do we need to do to start incorporating DAOs widely?

Gaming and Blockchain #17

Gaming and Blockchain really do go hand in hand if you think about possibilities it can do for various collectible, trading and management functions in many games. This good match was spotted by one Serbian team of developers and avid gamers who are just preparing to launch open beta for their 'blockchain trading card game' - the Cryptic Legends. With Nemanja Avramovic, their CEO, Luka and Ivan are discussing all the interesting details about the blockchain in games and the Cryptic Legends as well. For non-gamers this is completely noob proof episode (ignoring the few terms and names) and considering the amount of bad puns, quite good one to laugh at or with.

Satellite data and Blockchain #16

Satellite imaging market has grown quite a lot recently, however, the systems it relies on are still quite centralized. There is more and more data and we are in dire need of a more flexible way of handling the data. For satellites - that is where blockchain comes in. Luka and Ivan with this episode's guest, Zdravko Dimitrov of Bulgarian Homeport will tell you all about satellites feat. blockchain hit.

The Future of work with Blockchain #015

(Centralized) Freelancing platforms sure are easy and convenient to use, but in the end, they are many loopholes and problems when it comes to high fees and handling disputes. In this episode we have special guests from Croatia, Vladimir Kajic and Ivan Nanut from Cryptotask, to showcase us their decentralized platform and what blockchain can do for the freelancing world.

Starfleet follow up - the teams we have selected! #014

Starfleet is æternity ventures' accelerator and incubator, a home of already 2 generations of blockchain startups. In this week's episode, Luka and Ivan are talking about what makes blockchain startup (and what doesn't), discussing few Starfleet's good examples, namely: Crypto task (Croatia), Homeport (Bulgaria) and Cryptic Legends (Serbia).

The Rise and Fall of the Blockchain Scams #013

Wrong people playing with right technology led to ICOs being branded as scam. Can the blockchain world demystify itself?

Legal Aspects and Regulation of Blockchain #012

What are the obstacles and issues when it comes to regulating blockchain from the legal perspective? We try to answer some of the questions this with the help of our guest Georgi Matev.

Sustainable Energy and Blockchain #011

Is blockchain really that bad for the environment? Will we cook the Earth if we mine crypto? We try to debunk these myths in the latest epizode of your favorite blockchain podcast!

What are DEXs and are they the future of crypto trading? #010

Here out how DEX came to life, why they are here to stay, and, as Ivan triumphantly made a real 'meta' point: are the decentralized exchanges to cryptocurrencies what blockchain is for the real world?

Disrupting the Travel Industry with Blockchain #009

Online booking can be a real hassle with all the commissions, accountability, reservation process... Imagine no fees, no middle-man, only direct contact between host and traveler. In the 9th episode, we discuss whether blockchain can bring new disruption for the hospitality industry with this week's guest: Hristo Tenchev, co-founder of Locktrip.

Privacy and Data Storage on Blockchain #008

Can you imagine a time where you would just sit and do nothing and still earn money? That will be the time of Data on the Block!

Can Digital Money Become Blockchain's 'Killer App'? #007

How can digital money rock blockchain's and everyone else's world?

Blockchain Developers From The Balkans #006

Talk about the Developer Way - Coding their way to blockchain success.

What Is Happening With Blockchain In Balkan? #005

Balkan's blockchain scene - where was it, where is it now and what the future brings?

Storytime: How did Luka end up in the blockchain world? #004

Luka's story, from first mining steps through blockchain utility eureka.

What Is A Smart Contract? #003

Luka and IBB talk about smart contracts and how we may use them to automate many processes that are now slow operating, expensive and time-consuming.

What Makes Blockchain So Special? #002

Since many people are still reluctant to learn and explore more about technology that has so much potential we are going back to basics - what is blockchain technology and what are its main features that makes it so special.

Do Blockchain Startups Need Acceleration? #001

Luka and IBB wonder what to expect from a blockchain startup accelerator.

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