Legal Aspects and Regulation of Blockchain #012

What are the obstacles and issues when it comes to regulating blockchain from the legal perspective? We try to answer some of the questions this with the help of our guest Georgi Matev.
All is ready for episode 12 of your favorite blockchain podcast! Regulations and cryptocurrency, regulation and blockchain. How do they mix together? Is one death of another and vice versa? Are smart contracts really the death of lawyers? Today's episode is all about those issues.

Law and blockchain, if you read about the early days of bitcoin one might think it was a wild Wild West. Complete lawlessness, chaos and anarchy. No government regulated it until very recently and there were some very nasty stories that you could read about it. Today, we have somewhat better examples, there is number of countries that really went forward to make crucial changes. Balkan is trying it's best to follow. How well it does? You will hear more from our special guest in this episode - Georgi Matev, attorney and law consultant at aeternity with substantial experience in the field of civil law, especially ICT and corporate law (and of course, big blockchain enthusiast).

BTW, do not miss out on another great opportunity for which you will need only a keyboard and - expressing your opinion. What is the deal? We are dying to hear how do you like the podcast so far, so Luka offered up to give 100 AE tokens for the best review! The best one will be decided at the end of the season.
(HINT: we prefer the witty ones)

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