Satellite data and Blockchain #16

Satellite imaging market has grown quite a lot recently, however, the systems it relies on are still quite centralized. There is more and more data and we are in dire need of a more flexible way of handling the data. For satellites - that is where blockchain comes in. Luka and Ivan with this episode's guest, Zdravko Dimitrov of Bulgarian Homeport will tell you all about satellites feat. blockchain hit.
Majority of the current systems that handle the data from satellites is centralized and going through one or couple of major players so if you want to get data you have to go through them and in their terms. Luckily, we have experts like Zdravko Dimitrov, who has been in space technology industry since 2012 and who decided, with his colleagues and friends, likewise space experts and enthusiasts, it is time to democratize satellite data with blockchain.

Thus, they created Homeport, a decentralized ground station network architecture that captures data from the satellites and sells it at the data marketplace. With Homeport as decentralized platform, the idea is to open up satellite data market and build trust between involved parties using smart contracts.

The basic presumption and vision behind initiatives and projects like Homeport is, if satellites collect data, all that data should be given back to us so we can use it in a meaningful way: to track weather calamities, to do agriculture management and so on. So, as Zdravko concludes - a network that allows for more flexible interaction between satellite stations, satellite operators and other entities that foresee satellite data - we can have much quicker and cheaper dissemination of data. And thus, better distribution of the data and more users.

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