Starfleet follow up - the teams we have selected! #014

Starfleet is æternity ventures' accelerator and incubator, a home of already 2 generations of blockchain startups. In this week's episode, Luka and Ivan are talking about what makes blockchain startup (and what doesn't), discussing few Starfleet's good examples, namely: Crypto task (Croatia), Homeport (Bulgaria) and Cryptic Legends (Serbia).
Sometimes, or most of the times, things that blockchain is solving is not usually something that people want to build as a startup. As Luka pinpoints in this 14th episode, for a blockchain startup to make sense you need to make sure it fulfills a couple of fundamental 'requirements':
  • Participants (in exchanging process) are not trusting each other.
  • You have an underlying need for automatization of trust and governance.
  • You have an underlying need for censorship resistance.
Only when you have that kind of situation you will have true and proper utilization of blockchain technology in solving real-life problems. Through Starfleet, æternity tries to help blockchain startups find their 'true' reason why they want to build their solution on top of the blockchain. To make sure they do it properly, the first week of the accelerator is very, very rough and tough. Luka, with the rest of æternity team, tries to compress as much knowledge as possible and ask awkward questions they are afraid to ask themselves. Some of them do not make it alive, some make it quite well.

For conclusion, Luka and Ivan discuss what are the traits of the teams that stay, endure and excel. Few good examples come from Crypto task (Croatia), Homeport (Bulgaria) and Cryptic Legends (Serbia).

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