What are DEXs and are they the future of crypto trading? #010

Here out how DEX came to life, why they are here to stay, and, as Ivan triumphantly made a real 'meta' point: are the decentralized exchanges to cryptocurrencies what blockchain is for the real world?
We all know Game of Thrones is wrecking the minds of many men these days, but do not be mislead, blockchain world still needs your attention! In this 10th episode, Luka and Ivan talk about decentralized exchanges or, for short DEX, grabbing through the history of cryptocurrency exchanges, discussing whether they could really be a silver bullet for the current, quite rampant, crypto situation.

They certainly agree DEXes are definitely a way to change that, however - what future of crypto really brings - time will tell.

You will also hear more about the disadvantages and advantages of DEX from this episodes guest, Tito Titov, CEO of weiDEX, decentralized exchange DApp ecosystem. Tito shared his own history with the decentralized exchanges and how he decided to make one of his own.

Also, BC folks, watch out for BlockSplit conference in Split. From 25th to 26th of April you will have a chance to hear many good speakers and experts from all around the region. This year's program is focused on DAO and Defi, but you won't miss out on many more topics concerning well know projects, talks about latest technologies and quality workshops. Make sure to check out the program and grab your tickets asap!

BTW, do not miss out on another great opportunity for which you will need only a keyboard and - expressing your opinion. What is the deal? We are dying to hear how do you like the podcast so far, so Luka offered up to give 100 AE tokens for the best review! The best one will be decided at the end of the season.
(HINT: we prefer the witty ones)

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