What Is Happening With Blockchain In Balkan? #005

Balkan's blockchain scene - where was it, where is it now and what the future brings?
As Luka said in the introduction to our podcast:
"Current stage of blockchain in the Balkan region is in one word - stagnation. There was a lot of movement in the last few years and it somehow slowed down. That’s why part of our mission is to wake things up a little bit. Step by step." 

However, as he elaborates further, with his insight from the Starfleet accelerator mentoring, there is great potential. Thus, it has become imperative to share experiences, knowledge, and connections to stretch out abilities of the region's talents for the greater good. 

This fifth episode is all about Balkan's blockchain potentials, especially the events, teams, and individuals that can make those changes and that have been giving their best all along.

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